Project Description

One of Connecticut’s leading providers of addiction and mental health services — Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network — treats children, adults and families dealing with the devastating effects of addiction and mental health issues. Many clients benefit from their prevention and wellness programs, while more than half receive treatment in evidence-based outpatient and residential programs. Some of this treatment includes therapeutic artwork classes for children and adolescents.

The art featured in this calendar was created by students from Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network schools at the Institute of Living, Natchaug Hospital and Rushford. These state-approved special education facilities provide a combination of academic programming and school-based therapy for children and adolescents who have trouble succeeding in a public school environment. The calendar not only highlights the creativity of these students, but also serves as a fundraiser for the behavioral health services they provide.

The design of the calendar focuses heavily on the childrens’ artwork but also stays consistent with Hartford’s branding of bright colors and bold graphic elements.

“I’ve worked with numerous designers over the years, but Karen has been one of my favorites. As the designer for our most recent projects (annual report and calendar), she took our vision and concept, and transformed it into a clean, beautifully designed piece for our donors. Rather than being constrained by our brand guidelines, she integrated them seamlessly into the design while adding a creative touch to keep things fresh. Most importantly, she is professional and incredibly easy to work with.”

—Amanda Nappi, Communications Specialist, Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network